Concept Artist - Illustrator

Serat is a Los Angeles based Visual Artist and has experience in a variety of projects as an illustrator. His work includes illustrations, storyboards, and design for commercials, TV and Film Production.
He’s work makes a strong visual impact by combining various styles and techniques.
It’s will provide an excellent way to visualize an idea and give directors and producers a way to clarify the content of each project.


Illustration, Sketch Art, Storyboards, Concept Design, Matte Painting, Rotoscopy, Paintout


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Mocca, Premiere, In Design, Unity


Graphic Artist for Naked and Afraid ( Discovery Channel ) Renegade 83, LLC

Emmy Awards Nomine (Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program 2018)


NBC, Naked and Afraid Tv Show on  Discovery Channel, Tissot ( Swatch ), Walmart, Budweiser, Oppo, Miller, M&M, Dove, Energizer, Aguila.....more

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